About Us

Elisa and the HER family carry on the Family Traditions, land with olive trees, fruit trees, a vegetable garden, Dai What derived oil, fruit and vegetables grown with Traditional Methods. The breeding of horses and few have Alpaca characterize life in the country. The love for the land and love to make ANIMALS Still alive Traditions Of our ancestors. Living in this location so quiet and Feature Makes pleasant days, every corner remember moments spent with parents, grandparents, and all people who have made part of this land forever. And their grandparents have passed on to Elisa’s passion for the riches of the earth, for ANIMALS AND Especially for horses. Habit of Elisa and Her grandfather Charles was the participation in fairs and other province of Lazio with their horses or mares. And ‘right here What are called the B & B: Ponte Lucano and ZIGOLO. Elisa still practice the greater the Riding his passion … Box and paddock used in the past still accommodate the horses and still a challenge to the past life of this farm on the outskirts of Viterbo. A warm and welcoming atmosphere, surrounded by nature. It is possible, according to the Farm Barbini of Availability of the paddock also stay with their horses; Prices and types to be defined.